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Dr. Fisher's Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetic Centers

Are you looking for a safe weight loss diet?

Well look no more for successful healthy weight loss is now possible! At Dr. Fisher's Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetic Centers, Philadelphia's leading center for losing weight and looking great, we understand many of your frustrations associated with failed attempts to shed those unwanted pounds and inches.

Dr. Fisher has been the most renowned and successful weight loss physician in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs for decades!

Over the past 22 years our centers have successfully helped thousands of women, men, and children lose weight and achieve their goal of obtaining a slimmer, healthier body and an overall improved self esteem. Under the care of Dr. Jon Fisher, a Board Certified Physician, specializing in Weight Loss/Bariatrics, you too can achieve your weight loss goals.

You don't need to know a thing about nutrition, healthy eating, appetite suppressants and weight loss exercise because I'm going to lead you by the hand, step by step...

That's right! At our office, we specialize in non surgical approaches to healthy weight loss, suppressing appetites, increasing your own body's natural energy and metabolism by utilizing FDA approved appetite suppressants, our New pharmaceutical grade HCG Diet Plan, meal replacements, vitamins, Lipotropic and Diet injections, as well as Metabolic testing and exercise. Each patient starts with a thorough evaluation and is prescribed a personalized solution that may include noninvasive B complex vitamin injections as well as Lipotropic injections, to help stimulate your metabolic rate as well as rid your body of excess fat.  Medically supervised weight loss at our centers makes losing weight in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, the Main Line, as well as the entire Philadelphia area, including Northeast Philadelphia and South Philly headache free. We are dedicated entirely to your weight loss needs. Contact us for a Weight Loss or Cosmetic Consultation today.

Body Shaping & Cellulite Treatments

Other non surgical treatments that may be considered for optimal fat removal and cellulite removal are laser treatments for cellulite among more advanced therapies. Each regimen is contoured specifically to your body's needs.  Contact one of our weight loss centers today and we will design a weight management plan just for you. Mesotherapy and Lipo Dissolve use injections to break down the fat in your targeted areas. The only difference between the two is the concentration of active ingredients in the formula.

Chemical Peel Skin Treatments for Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Age Spots

Are your teenage years with acne still haunting your adult life with unsightly acne scars? Perhaps a few age spots or deep wrinkles have made an appearance to your otherwise youthful glow? Dr. Jon Fisher's Aesthetic Centers in Philadelphia, near the Main Line and Bucks County employ licensed skin care specialists who've made a career helping people find the very best anti-aging solutions.

Skin rejuvenation through advanced Restylane® treatments for Bucks County, Montgomery County, South Philadelphia and NE Philadelphia clients can help smooth away unwanted wrinkles and crevices. Some of the other services administered under Dr. Jon's supervision are lip augmentation with dermal fillers like, Juvaderm, Restylane®, Perlane for deeper wrinkles, Botox® injections for those deep wrinkles on your foreheadand facial microdermabrasion peels which is a form of chemical peel designed to revitalize your skin by removing dry and damaged tissue.

Contact us today at our skin care center in Bucks County and regain your youthful skin.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours In Health,
Dr. Jon Fisher


cece Weight Loss Success Stories!

Philadelphia's famous CeCe McGhee and others have had great success with Dr. Fisher's Medical Weight Loss Program! Visit our Video Gallery to watch her story and others as they explain their journey, clicking here.

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