Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor Issues Warning about End of Summer Fast Weight Loss Products. Speak To Your Doctor First.

Dr Fisher Cleanse21 Challenge for Breast Cancer AwarenessDr. Jon Fisher, one of Philadelphia’s most respected medical weight loss doctors, warns about the dangers of products targeting people who want to lose weight fast.

With only a month left until the end of summer, you may be in a hurry to lose a few pounds before the beaches close. If so, be careful of those heavily advertised (and often misleading) products you see on the internet or at local stores promoting "fast, effortless" weight loss without exercise or lifestyle changes. While these companies are very good at telling the consumer what they want to hear, if you look closely at what they're selling, you'll see that their products often involve purchasing pre-packaged meals or drinks, herbal pills or a "starvation" diet plan that can be unsafe, costly and often helps you lose nothing more than your money!

Dr. Jon Fisher from Dr. Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss Centers in Philadelphia, PA says, “These so-called "miracle" weight loss plans and products often send dieters into a cycle of quick weight loss, followed by a “rebound” weight gain once normal eating resumes. Sadly, in many cases, the weight gained back is often greater than what was originally lost while on the diet plan!”

Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor Shares Smart Eating Tips:

So what's the best way to quickly shed a few pounds without the negative repercussions?

Consult with a doctor, dietitian, or other qualified health care professional to go over your medical history and determine your ideal healthy body weight before starting a diet plan. With this information, a custom weight loss program can be created to help you safely lose the weight you want.

“Eating for your summer body is not about starvation, states Dr. Fisher. “For someone to stick to a new way of eating, it has to become a lifestyle change. This means that your diet has to provide both healthy foods and a few pleasures to keep you interested. Moderation is key.”

Dr. Fisher also stresses the importance of monitoring your progress, “Studies show that people who track key points of their diet plan, especially with the aid of an online system, lose more weight than those who diet without one. In fact, a report published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity showed significantly more successful weight loss results from those who planned their meals, tracked calories and tracked fat on most days of the week. That's why as part of our Body by Fisher Now Program, we offer the Body Focus EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker ™ App. This online weight loss tool will help you follow our program and monitor your progress online or on-the-go.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher, Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor, at one of his four locations, call his office at 215 642-8984 and let us know what your weight loss goals are. You will also receive information about his weight loss program which helps you lose weight utilizes real foods found at your local store and can be followed online or on-the-go using the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™.

With Dr. Fisher’s Rapid Weight Loss Program, you can lose those extra pounds around your problem areas in a matter of a few short weeks without starvation diets, pre-packaged foods or herbal diet pills/drinks. And since this is a medical weight loss program, he’s able to design it so that it’s right for you even if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension or high cholesterol.

Success Stories

"My weight loss journey began on Wednesday, June 16th. This is the day I made a decision to face my weight issues once and for all. I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Jon Fisher of Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss Centers.
As of June 30th, I have lost 11.4 pounds! I’m eating better, I feel better and I’m sleeping better. I have tried many diets before but this one is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change program for me. It’s safe and effective.

Cece McGhee
Praise 103.9's Afternoon Angel

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