Creating Your Own Kids Fitness Program: Start by Making Fitness Fun

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Fitness-Fun-for-Kids-2Creating Your Own Kids Fitness Program is Easy When Your Children Find Fitness Fun:

As kids spend more and more time "plugged in" to electronic devices and settled on the couch, it's increasingly important that we make fitness a fun activity. While there are several after school activities and kids fitness programs you can enroll your child in, there are many things parents can do on their own to help get there children moving. Together with a healthy diet, this will help keep your child's weight down and improve their overall cardiovascular health (both of which have lifelong benefits).

Below are some easy ways to make fitness fun for your children.


What kinds of games do you like to play? Get the family together in the backyard for a game to get your family up and moving in a fun way. Here are some ideas for types of games:

•  Backyard games: While the barbecue is heating up, this is a good time to get the family active in a backyard game of croquet, ring or beanie bag toss, or bocce ball. All are easy, old-fashioned fun that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

• Running games: Whether you have a few kids over after school or a birthday party full of energetic kids, they'll enjoy playing running games such as tag, spider, red rover, freeze-tag, or even kick the can.

•  Basketball/driveway games and activities: Younger kids might enjoy hopscotch, jumping rope, riding a big wheel or whirling in a hula hoop. An energetic eight-year-old could love jumping up and down on a pogo stick or trying her hand at walking on stilts. Your older daredevil might enjoy riding a scooter or a skateboard, or possibly burning 800 calories per hour roller blading. Older kids might enjoy four square, basketball, and related games such as PIG or HORSE.

•  Ball games: Toss a baseball or football, play volleyball, tether-ball, or play bocce ball.

Activity Ideas for Your Kids Fitness Program:

1. Summer and Fall Activities:

Whether you sign your child is up for swimming lessons, join the swim team, or just take frequent trips to your local pool or lake, swimming is a refreshing way to exercise. Kids can play water games galore from Marco Polo to spash-your-brother-til-he's-after-you. It's all great exercise...and when the weather starts to change, you can take the fun indoors at an indoor pool.

Another great activity, that is also fun for the entire family, is bike riding.  Bike riding can be a great way to explore your neighborhood and get exercise at the same time. Kids appreciate being able to power themselves to new places and appreciate the autonomy of a bike. It's also a great introduction to green transportation.

2. Winter Activities:

Looking through this list, an awful lot of this assumes good weather. However, there are lots of inside activities that make fitness fun, as well as plenty of winter outdoor activities. Inside, join a local gym or check if your neighborhood school offers weekend hours at their facilities. Running around the track, playing indoor basketball or swimming are all great activities. What about dance classes? Fencing? Zumba or aerobics can be a fun way to bond with your kids while getting some fitness fun. Outdoors, have kids get together for a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Help your kids build snow forts. Consider sledding, or try a toboggan. Try snowboarding, or cross-country skiing. Snow shoeing is a fun way to make it across the tundra from your yard to the school bus stop.

Body Focus Kids Fitness Programs onlineWhether it's sunny or rainy, there are plenty of activities you and your family can do to make fitness fun. Consider starting your own kids fitness prgram for your children. Incorporate some new games and activities and enjoy.

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