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Body Shaping With The Vanquish ME System

Vanquish ME is a fat-reduction procedure that the FDA has approved. Many patients are trying it as opposed to looking into more invasive procedures such as liposuction. It does not touch the skin, is non-invasive and causes no pain, and does not necessitate any downtime. This makes it perfect for those with busy lives. Vanquish ME uses radiofrequency to heat the fat layer.

To Vanquish ME, or Vanquish Maximum Energy, the system is designed to eliminate fat by using radiofrequency energy. This treatment heats fat cells until they die. This type of treatment is unique in that it can be used to treat patients with BMIs greater than 30, rather than just those with lower BMIs. Without increasing the treatment time, it can actually cover a very large portion all in one sitting.

The body contouring treatment makes no contact with the body and does not use a handheld tool. The treatment instead employs a harness system that wraps around the patient’s midsection. Throughout the procedure, you are kept comfortable, and the heat from the radiofrequency energy does not harm your skin or tissue.

How Vanquish ME Operates

The device uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells by heating them to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid burning you, the skin and tissue are monitored and kept comfortable. Eventually, the fat cells will be metabolized naturally. This procedure will be undetectable and will have no adverse effects.

Making the Most of Your Investment

A 59 percent reduction in fat from the target area is possible, resulting in a two to four-inch waistline reduction. You may even notice a reduction in your clothing sizes, with previously too-small clothing now fitting more comfortably. Although no diet or exercise is required to achieve the fat loss results, many patients report that the treatment boosts their confidence and self-image.  This, over time, encourages them to go to the gym more frequently. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help to improve and prolong the effects of the treatment.

Things to Consider When Getting Vanquish ME

Light exercise before and after the procedure can help to improve the treatment process. A light meal before the treatment, as well as proper hydration, can aid in the healing process. You should also stay hydrated before and after the treatment to achieve the best results.

Is Therapy a Good Option for Me?

If you are hesitant to undergo surgical fat removal because of the risks and recovery time, this treatment may be an excellent option for you. With this sort of body contouring treatment, you will require very little recovery time.  This is why this sort of treatment is becoming so popular.

Before undergoing treatment, you should be in good health and mentally prepared for a body contouring transformation. You may be treated even if your BMI is higher than the average because the device allows us to treat a wide range of body sizes. You can be treated and enjoy excellent results regardless of your skin type, age, or gender. This non-invasive and non-surgical treatment reduces risk and recovery time, making it ideal for people who are apprehensive about having surgery or liposuction.

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