Finding a Weight Loss System For My Teenage Son

Help Finding a Diet Doctor For My Teenage Son

The first thing to remember is that your teenage son is developing healthy habits, and this is a long-term process. The habits he develops now will affect his physical and emotional health throughout his adulthood. Hopefully, you can encourage him to make healthy choices so that he feels good about himself in the future.

Family effort

Teenagers need to eat healthy foods, and you can help them lose weight by encouraging them to exercise. You can use a treadmill or encourage them to take walks around the neighborhood. You should also make sure that the whole family gets plenty of exercise each day. It’s also helpful to give them positive feedback when they achieve small milestones. If they stop losing weight, you should consider a medical consultation. It may be that they’re dealing with a hormonal issue.

Making healthy meals at home is also an effective tool for weight management. Studies show that family members who regularly eat at home are less likely to become obese. They also tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink fewer sodas and eat less sugar and fried foods. Plus, eating meals together as a family helps you form a stronger relational bond.


If you’re concerned about your teenage son’s weight, you’re not alone. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to overeating and can struggle to lose weight despite strict rules and guidelines. You can help your son manage his weight by working with your child’s nutritionist and health care provider to set achievable goals. Your teen will also benefit from regular visits to a behavioral health specialist or Bariatric Physician for any eating disorders that may be affecting his weight. Although your teen cannot control what he eats at school, you can help him make healthier choices at home and encourage him to eat healthy snacks.


A weight loss system for teenagers can be a difficult task, but there are some things you can do to make the process easier for your son. You can start by encouraging them to be active. Encourage him to walk around the neighborhood or go for a bike ride on weekends. Encourage your child to eat healthier and do more physical activity every day. Reward them with praises and rewards for small accomplishments, such as losing a few pounds. If your teen does not lose weight or gains it back quickly, you should consider talking to your teen’s doctor. There could be an underlying hormonal issue affecting their weight gain.


There are a number of things to keep in mind when looking for a weight loss system for my teenage son. Teens are still learning to live with their bodies, and the habits they develop now will have a big impact on their future physical and emotional health. It is important to encourage positive choices and help them feel good about their appearance.

Many diets aimed at teenagers are lacking sound principles and proper nutrition. Make sure you consult with your doctor before allowing him to try an extreme diet or restrictive program. Ensure he is getting proper nutrition as teenagers are still developing and nutritional deficiencies should be taken seriously. In Dr. Fisher’s practice, we have a Kid’s and Teens program that offers a balanced meal plan for a growing teen.

Water and Sunshine

I know it sounds cliche, but drinking more water and engaging in outdoor activities can many times be the secret that you have been looking for. Teenagers are bombarded with advertising that encourages terrible eating habits designed to make them think they are fitting in, when it’s a disaster for their bodies nutritionally. Energy drinks do not provide the right nutrients that are easy for the body to assimilate.

In reality a bottle of water and an apple will have far more impact since it is natural and without processed chemicals that their body has to break down. Encourage an active social life for your teen away from the computer and their phone. Many city parks are a great place to jog, play basketball or even walk in order to get the physical movement that your body needs.

Get Support

Our office is happy to help you speak with your son about his fitness and health goals and get the coaching and support that can ensure his success. Contact us for an appointment to review your options and help him to be the healthy young man he wants to be.

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Finding The Best Weight Loss System For My Teenage Son

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