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BotoxWhat is Botox?
Botox is Botulinum toxin Type A. This is a very safe product and has been used over 17 yrs and also has been safely used in children. It is approved by FDA for various uses including cosmetic.

Brief Description of Procedure
Very minute amount of Botox Cosmetic injected with very tiny needle in the area affected. Your physician will decide how much and where to inject Botox depending on your facial muscle anatomy and muscle mass.

Who are the Best Candidates for this treatment?
(only FDA approved use is frown lines but other areas are very commonly treated by experienced physicians)

· Men and women with frown lines between the eyebrows. (FDA approved use)
· Crow's feet ( wrinkle near outside corner of eyes) and wrinkles in the forehead.
· Some advanced uses are for drooping angle of mouth and wrinkles around the mouth.
· People who feel fatigued due to the wrinkles and drooping of the angle of the mouth
· The treatment of excessive sweating a medical condition known as hyperhydrosis

What areas can be treated?
Frown lines, crow's feet wrinkles in the forehead and Perioral wrinkles caused by the repetitive contraction of the muscles of expression on the face causes, the skin to fold and causes wrinkles. These lines or wrinkles call dynamic wrinkles can be best treated with Botox cosmetic.

How does the treatment work?
Small amount of Botox cosmetic is injected with very few tiny injections into the areas of muscles responsible for the wrinkles. Botox cosmetic blocks the release of the chemical that causes these muscles to contract. That in turn results in to the relaxations of those muscles which is causing the wrinkles.

How long does the treatment take?
Treatment last only a few minutes and then you can return to your normal activities.

What are the benefits of procedure?
Results of the procedure are very fast, and you can see the difference within as early as five days. It is the most common procedure, used according to the statistics from American society of plastic surgeons.

How many treatments will I need?
Treatment probably last about three to four months, and you will see the results slowly going away. You may need to return for follow up and Repeat the procedure.

What kinds of results can I expect? And how fast do I see the results?
You can see the results begin few days after the treatment, and it continues to get better, and about 90% people see the maximum benefit within 30 days, and the results can last as long as four months

Are the Treatments safe and painless?
Treatment of Botox cosmetic is safe and no anesthesia is required. Most people do not have any side effects. Some of common side effects after the injection could be mild redness bleeding or bruising localize pain, swelling or temporary eyelid droop, or nausea.

Will I be still able to make facial expression?
You will see significant improvement with the injection, but this would not limit your expressions or emotions. You would be still able to express yourself with normal emotions, but simply the wrinkles would be reduced.

Do I need any preparation before the procedure?
You do not need any preparation, before the procedure. You must notify your physician, if you have any new neuromuscular disorder or myasthenia gravis as this procedure is contraindicated in that situation.

What kind of recovery period is needed after the procedure?
You can return to your normal activity immediately after this injection. There is no downtime or recovery time from the procedure.

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