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TriActive Laser

Cellulite Reduction: Medically Approved Laser Procedure

For many patients, even with diet and exercise there often remains unwanted areas of fat in their belly or love handles?  Women especially have this concern in the thigh and hip areas leading to a “dimpling” effect of the skin (cellulite). Don’t despair, the TriActive laser can can help!

Body Shaping With the TriActive Laser:

The TriActive Laser is a popular, FDA approved, non-surgical procedure that can help with “spot fat reduction” while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Typically, 4 to 6 visits are required to achieve this goal, with many patients noticing visible changes within the treated area after just the first visit!  And since the treatment is laser based, there is little to no down-time. Now you can melt away fat and soften the appearance of cellulite from your stomach, hips, thighs and buns at the same time!

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TriActive Laser

Questions About the TriActive Laser

Q. How does the TriActive laser work?

 The TriActive system works to smooth and tighten cellulite using multiple diode lasers to stimulate the circulation of blood, a cooling system which decreases the amount of fluid retained in tissues, and a rhythmic massage for lymphatic drainage. Poor circulation is a factor for cellulite formation.

Q. Does the TriActive laser help me lose weight?

No, the TriActive laser machine has not been proven to help with weight loss. It temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and reduces body measurements in cellulite-treated areas.

Q. What does treatment feel like?

Patients tell us that the sensation is similar to having a deep massage. We can adjust the strength of the treatment to your comfort level.

Q. How long does It take to see results?

Some patients notice a difference in the way their clothes fit after just one session, while others report seeing a visible difference about six to eight weeks after their first session.

Q. What areas can TriActive be used on?

TriActive can be used anywhere on the body, but some of the more common areas include the thighs, buttocks, face, and neck.

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        I love this diet plan! Yes I’ve lost over 25lbs, more important I’m off the 30mg of high blood pressure meds! Praise Allah!
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        Dr. Fisher is absolutely awesome, very knowledgeable about his craft. Takes the time to review your options.
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        Dr. fisher is the best! I’ve started this weight loss journey 3 months ago. And I am extremely happy with my results. I’ve lost 30 pounds!
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