Bike Riding: Fun Fitness for the Entire Family

Parents, Kids & Teens

family-fitnessAs children get older and families get stretched in different directions, it’s important to find common ground. We all need exercise, so why not work together toward a common goal — fitness and family activities.

Biking your way to fitness with your children is a way to get fit and build lasting memories together.

Safety First:

Helmets are an important way to protect the head in the event of accidents. Keep in mind that kids outgrow helmets - you’ll want to check for proper fit and coverage. Consider reflective material either on your children and/or on their bikes, and perhaps an orange flag in back and a bell or horn for signaling.

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Incorporating Fitness into Your Next Vacation

Parents, Kids & Teens

family in a poolWorried that a lazy vacation on the beach will ruin your fitness plan? Concerned that your trip to the city will involve sitting in restaurants morning, noon and night? There are many ways to incorporate fitness into your next vacation and still make it a relaxing refreshing reboot.

Here are some ideas how.

At the Pool or on the Beach

First, even that lazy vacation can include fitness. Aside from swimming and long walks (or runs) on the beach or at the pool, there are all kinds of activities you can do.

Check to see if there’s a tennis court or golf course available in the area and schedule a tee or court time. Many resorts offer all kinds of activities from beach volleyball to Zumba classes or dancing.

Scuba diving is a great way to explore your destination’s colorful undersea creatures and also burn calories. How about surfing or paddle boarding? Sea kayaking strengthens the upper body muscles and keeps you in the surf.

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Creating Your Own Kids Fitness Program: Start by Making Fitness Fun

Parents, Kids & Teens

Fitness-Fun-for-Kids-2Creating Your Own Kids Fitness Program is Easy When Your Children Find Fitness Fun:

As kids spend more and more time "plugged in" to electronic devices and settled on the couch, it's increasingly important that we make fitness a fun activity. While there are several after school activities and kids fitness programs you can enroll your child in, there are many things parents can do on their own to help get there children moving. Together with a healthy diet, this will help keep your child's weight down and improve their overall cardiovascular health (both of which have lifelong benefits).

Below are some easy ways to make fitness fun for your children.

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