Incorporating Fitness into Your Next Vacation

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family in a poolWorried that a lazy vacation on the beach will ruin your fitness plan? Concerned that your trip to the city will involve sitting in restaurants morning, noon and night? There are many ways to incorporate fitness into your next vacation and still make it a relaxing refreshing reboot.

Here are some ideas how.

At the Pool or on the Beach

First, even that lazy vacation can include fitness. Aside from swimming and long walks (or runs) on the beach or at the pool, there are all kinds of activities you can do.

Check to see if there’s a tennis court or golf course available in the area and schedule a tee or court time. Many resorts offer all kinds of activities from beach volleyball to Zumba classes or dancing.

Scuba diving is a great way to explore your destination’s colorful undersea creatures and also burn calories. How about surfing or paddle boarding? Sea kayaking strengthens the upper body muscles and keeps you in the surf.
City Lights

Headed to the city? Rather than seeing the sights from a taxi cab or missing them all together by taking a subway, why not see the city like the natives – tie on your comfy walking shoes and see the city on foot. You’ll burn calories, see more sights and also have the freedom to stop, linger and explore when the need arises. Some cities, such as New York and Boston, offer bikes to rent while you’re in town. Remember that your hotel might have a fitness center as well. Bring the workout clothes along and get in a treadmill run while catching up on the news, or swim laps before dinner.

Into the Woods

If you’re headed to the wilderness on a camping trip, fitness is almost a given. First, you’ll be hiking and carrying your gear. Then there are mountains to climb, rivers to paddle and lakes to swim in. Consider bringing along a mountain bike to get a great tour through the trails, or bring some spelunking gear to explore the caves.

Activity-Centric Vacations

Some people even book vacations designed around fitness. For example, one runner plans vacations in which he races from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. You might consider planning a rock climbing trip in Utah, a hiking trip through California’s Redwood Forests or a white water rafting trip. Many companies offer extreme vacations to South America, white water kayaking, trekking through rainforests or scuba diving. Another popular activity-oriented trip is to walk northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago from the Pyrenees to the North Atlantic town of Santiago de Compostela.

The point of a vacation is to push the restart button. For many of us, this means relaxation. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around. There are lots of ways to incorporate fitness into your next vacation. Instead of hitting the stair climber at home, consider climbing up the stairs to a castle. Rather than walking in place on the treadmill, consider trekking through a rainforest. With so many options available, the possibilities are endless.

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