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How Can I Lose 10 Pounds by Labor Day?

Summer is here and so is your motivation to look your best for all your get-togethers and outings. Labor Day is a common celebration where everyone will BBQ, hang out at the beach, attend outdoor concerts, connect with friends at the Delaware River Waterfront, and even head down to the Jersey Shore! We want you to be out there with the confidence to enjoy the festivities and not worry about your appearance and weight. 

With almost 2 months until Labor Day, you have time to wow everyone with your results. Losing 10lbs within 2 months is completely achievable and you may even be surprised by losing more! Taking steps to lose weight can seem daunting, we know that. Our staff has worked with thousands of patients just like you who want to get lasting results and are willing to work for it. 

Losing Weight With Dr. Fisher

Our team starts with a comprehensive evaluation to discuss your history, your goals, and testing to actually see what’s going on in your body. Sometimes underlying health issues can affect our weight when you don’t realize it. Our programs are not just for adults, we also love to help kids and teens so that they can prevent a lifetime of unhealthy habits and live their best life now.

Many times people can make some quick changes that will result in weight loss rather quickly, such as cutting out junk food, eliminating soda, and increasing exercise. While for some that’s an easy way to see results, others have a harder time, and especially if you have a history of dieting for extended periods of time your body may seem resistant to small changes. We have experienced this with many of our patients. 

The normal advice of eating less and moving more, drinking more water, and even intermittent fasting has been a standard piece of advice that we have all heard. But what if those tricks don’t work for you? Our team utilizes a boost to your standard efforts and can give you a structured plan that looks at multiple strategies. 

But, I’m always hungry

We can help you with that. When starting any weight loss program, hunger is one of the main components that no matter how much we fight it, it seems our body always wins. Willpower can take us only so far and we will feel like we are up against an insurmountable opponent. This is where we can help you with safe, FDA-approved, and effective prescription appetite suppressants combined with satisfying and healthy meals so that you aren’t tempted to deviate from the program.

But, I can’t go without my treats

We understand the idea of never having treats again is where most people draw a hard line. There is always a birthday, holiday, or event around the corner and everyone loves to celebrate with some type of food. We can offer you optional treats (protein bars and shakes) so that you can participate in the festivities without sabotaging all your hard work and effort over a piece of cake. 

Short term vs long term

Yes, I said I wanted to lose 10lbs by Labor Day, but I don’t want to gain it back! Perfect, that’s half the battle. Is this a quick fix for you or a long-term lifestyle? Looking at this as a change in your lifestyle is where more people have results. While it can be intimidating to think that this is forever, realizing that the habits and choices you made to get you where you are today are not sustainable for the body you want and the weight you hope to achieve. This is where you can see the lasting success of getting the weight off and keeping up your healthy habits will pay off, long after this Labor Day and well into next year, and the next.

About Dr. Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetic Centers

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